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Being Accountable

2013This may seem like an odd title for a blog post about goals for the New Year, but for me it’s an apt one. Last year was about being grateful; this year is all about being accountable. Every year I’ve set goals for myself in the new year and sometimes I make them, sometimes I don’t. But this year, I’m resolving to treat my writing career as seriously as a full time job. Because it’s what I want to do with my life longterm, and if I don’t take it seriously, no one else will. Also, I’m kind of contractually obligated to get certain things done this year since 2012 brought the delightful blessing of an agent and a book deal (and yes, I’m still squeeing about both!). Needless to say, I’d better be dang sure those things happen!

In the spirit of being accountable, I’ve divided up my goals for the year into a few categories: Must Do, Want To Do, and Might Do.


  • Edit MONSTROUS (there’s no question that this is the highest priority this year!)
  • Write second book (hopefully a companion novel to MONSTROUS)
  • Make more connections, specifically ones that will be helpful when my book debuts such as local libraries, schools, and bookstores. I’ve already gotten started–my husband’s cousin is a teacher in local Boston area middle school and she wants me to do a school visit when MONSTROUS comes out. Yay for head starts! :)


  • Finish revising CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE CYBORG and get it to a point where it’s submission ready
  • Revise second book
  • Write that somewhat secret novella project bouncing around in my brain that I should probably mention to my agent…
  • Blog more, both on this blog, From the Write Angle, and now the OneFourKidLit blog. I had a hard time keeping up with blogging in 2012, but I enjoy it and I really do want to do better this year.


  • Finish draft of DEVIL IN THE DRAWING ROOM and revise it
  • Write another first draft of one of the many project ideas I’ve been hoarding

Yes, this is a wee bit ambitious. I know I likely won’t end up meeting all these goals, but I feel confident that I can definitely complete the Must Dos, and hopefully at least a couple of the Want To Dos. And who knows? Maybe I’ll surprise myself and complete more of them that I expect!

So, what do you hope to accomplish this year? Share your goals in the comments!

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